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Macarons are French sandwich cookies with a delicious filling. It is no wonder they have become so popular, as a well-made macaron is exquisite. It should have a smooth, satiny exterior, a perfectly round shape, and the cookies that make up the two ends should have a crisp shell and chewy interior. The filling should be delicately flavored.

It can take years to perfect the technique to make a macaron. This is due to meringues being notoriously finicky. If you are overzealous in folding in your powdered sugar you’ll find yourself with cracked surfaces. If you beat your egg whites too much, you will end up with a dull texture.

The technique involved is one reason macarons are considered a special treat, and why you will typically pay more for a macaron than, say, a chocolate chip cookie.

The other reason is the quality of the ingredients used. For example, almonds and other nut flours are more expensive than bread flour. Also, since a macaron is supposed to be a decadent treat, only the highest quality chocolate, and other flavorings will be used.

One area where macarons are stingy, however, is calories. Typically, these delicious treats are only about 50 calories. That makes it easy to indulge. Two of them are only 100 calories, whereas a cupcake might be 350.

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Another area where macarons shine is in providing a gluten-free dessert. Since traditionally macarons are made of almond flour, with pistachio and hazelnut meal also being popular, the cookies are gluten-free.

That makes them a perfect gift if you are not sure the recipient can tolerate wheat.

Whether you decide to buy a box of macarons as a special gift, or as a self-indulgence, you will find the highest quality macarons at The Macaron Boutique.

You will find these exquisitely handcrafted French sandwich cookies are made with the finest all-natural or organic ingredients. Each one has been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. None are GMO, and there are no preservatives utilized.

A sample of the high-quality ingredients used includes Valrhona chocolate, Nielsen Massey pure products, and BD Almond flour.

With such impressive ingredients, even simple flavors such as vanilla shine. However, at the Macaron Boutique, you fill find exotic varieties such as Rose Lychee, Morello Cherry, and Rose Orange Water with Cardamom.

The plethora of flavors make macarons the perfect after-meal treat. With such a wide selection, it’s easy to find one that goes with dinner. And, especially after a heavy meal, it’s nice to have a light, low-calorie, yet highly flavorful dessert.
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