Where To Find The Most Mouthwatering Macarons In Toronto & GTA

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A macaron is to a cookie what a Lamborghini is to a car. Sure, there are many types of round, doughy, sweets just as there are many versions of the internal combustion engine. But gourmets and connoisseurs know that there is a big difference between high end products and the rest.

For those who are acquainted with macarons, you know how special these delectable sweets can be. While they are chewy, they are also elegant. Some aficionados of macarons claim they provide pure ecstasy concentrated in a single bite.

Assuming a macaron is well made, it will be visually appealing. Macarons come in more delicate pastel colors than the houses in San Francisco. The round meringue ends sandwich a sweet, creamy center. These cute little cookies can look so pretty in their boxes that it may take an effort to break the spell and eat one.

When you do, the first sensation you’ll experience is the satisfying crunch as you bite into the top of the macaron. Once your teeth have made it through this resistance, you’ll be rewarded by a delicious, creamy burst of flavor. This is from the filling, which is usually a ganache or buttercream. Finally, there is a soft bottom layer of cookie.

Part of the delight of a macaron is not just the taste, but also the texture. The best macarons simply dissolve in your mouth, leaving behind their bold flavor.

Another fact that delights macaron lovers – they are low in calories. While you can find 1,000 calorie desserts in many restaurants, if you decide on a macaron – each one is likely to be only about 100 calories or less.

Not all macarons out there are Gluten Free but at The Macaron Boutique, we can make that claim. If you have celiac disease or other issues that make gluten problematic, then our macarons provide a delicious indulgence without any health issues.

Hopefully you’re sold on the concept of macarons as the perfect small desert. It’s not only a lovely way to end a meal with friends; it’s also a beautiful gift for someone special.

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For those fortunate enough to live in Toronto and GTA, The Macaron Boutique features the best macarons in the area. We take pride in our products and only use the finest and purest ingredients. For example, we use Valrhona chocolate, BD Almond Flour, Neilson Massey pure extracts & Vanilla Bean & 100% organic teas in our recipes. Wherever possible, ingredients are organic and carefully sourced.

The use of such high-quality ingredients in crafting the macarons ensures they will be of highest quality and have the best flavor.