Order Online Macarons, Madeleines, and more!

Order Online Macarons

Conveniently Satisfy Cravings for Macarons, Madeleines, and More

The Macaron Boutique is your source for the finest French treats. From our easy-to-navigate site, you can choose among a wide variety of flavors of delicious macarons, madeleines, and more.

Our site allows you to order macarons online and have them delivered, making it much more convenient, particularly for those who might otherwise have to drive some distance. It also allows for a perfect macaron gift delivery for that special someone.

Indeed, there is no better gift for a loved one or for yourself than a beautifully packaged box of macarons, madeleines, or macaron ice-cream sandwiches.

At the Macaron Boutique, only the finest, all-natural, and organic ingredients are used. These include premium products such as Valrhona chocolate, as well as brands such as Nielsen Massey and BD almond flour. The tea flavored macarons use Metropolitan Tea Company organic teas.

The resulting flavors include everything from traditional favorites such as chocolate or lemon to exotic rose lychee or earl gray. Or try rose water with cardamom, or the newly added mango flavor macaron. No matter what flavor you order, the crisp yet chewy outer cookie will dissolve into the delicate creamy filling. It will be a true luxury for your taste buds in both flavor and texture.

GMO products are never allowed in these luscious treats. These macarons are also naturally gluten-free, which makes it easy to choose gift boxes for a special someone or favorite client. There is no danger of adverse reactions due to dietary issues.

By making it easy for customers to buy macarons online, The Macaron Boutique has made providing these delightful desserts simple. And they come beautifully packaged in boxes as small as 7 to as large as 48.

Order Online Macarons, Madeleines, and more

You can also order macaron inserts – these are less expensive since they are not beautifully packaged but simply carefully packed in a protective container. However, these might be perfect for an office party or family event where the macarons would simply be placed on a serving platter.

In addition to macarons, customers can also order madeleines and macaron ice-cream sandwiches. The madeleines are moist and fluffy and come in a wide range of incredible flavors. Currently, the flavors offered are restricted to 6.

The macaron ice cream sandwiches can be ordered in quantities from 3 to 12, and the quality of the ice cream used is truly divine. These sandwiches currently come in 12 flavors and can be thermally packaged to allow delivery.