Impress Clients and Guests with Macarons at Corporate Events

Custom Macarons Toronto and GTA
Who doesn’t love a macaron? These tasty treats are beautiful, exquisitely flavored, and provide a textural contrast between the crisp yet chewy cookies and the creamy filling.

What makes macarons even better – they are naturally gluten-free. The cookies are formed from egg whites and almond flour, typically. Sometimes hazelnut or other nut flours might be used. The creamy center can be a ganache, buttercream or simply jam. The variety of flavors is theoretically infinite, ranging from Chocolate and Vanilla to exotic options such as Earl Gray, Rose Lychee, and Matcha.

Large Order of French Macarons for Corporate Gifts
Because of the variety of flavors, beautiful presentation, and the fact that these treats are gluten-free, macarons make the perfect dessert for business meetings and professional events. They are sure to impress clients, business partners, corporate sponsors, and others with whom you’d like to cultivate relationships. They are an elegant and unique option that is sure to please. For team-building exercises and company parties, they will boost morale as they are bound to make one’s team feel special.

In the Toronto area, The Macaron Boutique is the place to go to order the best macarons for your special events. You can treat your business team, partners, guests, clients, investors, and customers with these delicious, gluten-free, naturally made deserts.
Corporate Gifts with Macarons
The Macaron Boutique handcrafts each macaron using the best ingredients. Premium elements such as Valrhona chocolate, Nielsen Massey pure products, BD almond flour, and Metropolitan Tea Company organic teas are used, just to name a few. Care is taken and no shortcuts are allowed.

 Because of the quality of the ingredients, The Macaron Boutique’s macarons have an exceptional flavor, so just one or two pastries will satisfy the sweet tooth. However, guests may feel compelled to sample more, thanks to the many flavors available.

Because of this, it’s best to talk to the corporate sales team at The Macaron Boutique for advice on how many and what varieties to offer.
Personalised macarons edible corporate gifts
Additionally, The Macaron Boutique’s corporate team can customize your order for your specific event. You can include your company’s logo or colors on the exterior cookie design. You can also add other features that will help to represent your company. Have no fear if your event will fill a ballroom – any size order can be accommodated.

 To learn more about The Macaron Boutique’s corporate catering, you can go to our website or contact the corporate sales team via phone at 416-931-9773 or via email at